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:star::heart: Info about folders also stands in the folder itself :heart::star:

:star: HOW to add pictures ? :star:
:bulletred: when adding a picture ,then click ,submit to this gallery and on the top there stands folders,add it to the right folder

please add youre pictures to the right folder ( you art will be voted by me and the co founder )

:bulletred: Only AzureHowl related art is allowed in the featured folder.

:bulletred: only art that contains AzureHowl is allowed here such as : fan arts,drawings about characters and everything that has to do something with the series,and yes it's allowed to add art of Azurehowl character as different animals (lots of people asked if this was)

*AzureHowl character ref's
:bulletred: here you can find the official ref's for Azurehowl.

*AzureHowl species ref's
:bulletred: here you can find the official ref's for the specie's of Azurehowl.

*AzureHowl Ask A question
:bulletred: you're not allowed to submit something here

*AzureHowl contest Folder
:bulletred: You're only allowed to post here when a contest is being held.

*AzureHowl Fan characters
:bulletred: this map is for people who have made fan characters from the azurehowl species :) ( sometimes a fan character has the chance to become part of the story such as zayne for example)

*Traditional and digital wolves
:bulletred: This folder is for all digital/traditional art around wolves. Wolves with unnatural colors are perfectly welcome, fantasy highly appreciated! Feel free to share your art in this folder!

*Wolf and Canine animations, pixels, icons
:bulletred:animations, pixels, icons are welcome here,though it has to be canine or wolf related

*Adoptable's and Line art's
:bulletred:Adopts for points, money or for free are welcome here. You may also submit Line art's here as well !

*Wolf photography
:bulletred: Wolf photography is more than welcome here ! exept for photography which contains violence and hate towards wolves(unles its ment to give a special message to people,for exmple,a message about saving them)

*Wolf-Canine Crafts
:bulletred: you are allowed to add works such as plushy's,badges,necklaces,bracelets,rings, long as it is wolf or canine related

:bulletred: Must contain wolves in order to add it ! ( humans that can shift to wolves or canines are welcome too ! )

:bulletred: All dragon art is welcome here !

:bulletred: only stamps about animals in good ways,no hate stamps

*Canine photography
:bulletred: photography of canines or pets are welcome here

*Canine Art
:bulletred: Canine art such as digital work or traditional is welcome here

:bulletred: is welcome as long as it goes about wolves or canines

*animal art
:bulletred: art allowed about animals

*Specie Design Azurehowl entry
:bulletred: this will be for animals in AzureHowl,when I am looking for designs and allow people to give it a shot :)

*Animal Human version
:bulletred:Only Human versions of your animal characters are allowed here, in other words this folder is NOT for human art, but it is for Human versions of animals!

*Commission chart
:bulletred:Here you can add commission charts!